Nina spent her early childhood surrounded by picturesque fields and mountains. This upbringing fueled her passion for nature and the moving image.

She enrolled at the State Academy of Arts to do a four year degree in Theatre Production. After which she worked as a television producer for state television for nine years.

Since moving to England she has lived in the south, where her growing interest in imagery led her to photography.

There are two different subject that encompass the focus of her work those being; portraits and creating abstract images.

Through her portraits she brings out the subjects personality, their interests, passions and tries to get a glimpse into the more intimate moments of a persons life. She enjoys the interaction between herself and the people when taking their photos.

The abstract work explores a dreamy and romanticised view of contemporary landscapes and the human interaction within. Through careful observation and minimal digital alteration, she creates movement and patterns within the landscape, seeking out naturally occurring colour pallets.